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WEEDS®: An Empowering Cannabis Company

WEEDS®: An Empowering Cannabis Company

Carol about to inspect some beautiful cannabis flowers
Carol about to inspect some beautiful cannabis flowers

ONE COULD ARGUE that jobs in Canada are hard to come by, let alone pay well. With the requirement to meet the demand of bottom of the barrel jobs, most of society wants to feel a sense of purpose while making a decent wage.  Lower paying jobs do not accommodate the cost of living in Canada, so most often times people have to work two jobs just to comfortably survive.

WEEDS®, as a progressive Cannabis company, employs about 160 people across Canada. In addition to employing people and creating job opportunities, they offer competitive wages/salaries, full dental and health benefits and also offer incentives for their employees and members. As a company that pays taxes, it also fulfills a safe market that is much needed in order to steer the gang affiliated black market away from our communities.

WEEDS® has built a foundation of ongoing job creation, effective business infrastructure, and pragmatic educational tools as their core resources. Within their structured business model, they offer internal employee training programs as well as product training tools to empower their clients and staff. They continue to build solid relationships with their suppliers and also create partnerships with other like minded companies to share ideas, beliefs and values within the Cannabis community. They believe in investing in people, like-minded companies and partnership opportunities to flourish themselves, the government and all Canadians. Through partnerships and franchise expansion, job creation and job security is established which positively contributes to Canadians moving forward into Cannabis legalization. When jobs in the Cannabis industry are created families needs are met. Adults can access Cannabis safely and effectively. But most identifiably, it eradicates gang activity in neighborhoods.

As a valued employee of WEEDS®, I look into our future with hope yet angst, that an anticipated renaissance of rebellion of authorities and Cannabis advocates will be the circumstance of  true Canadian Cannabis legalization.  Our Tree possesses strong roots which means we are not going anywhere. I genuinely love my career at WEEDS® because it supports who I am as an individual. I make an honest living (I pay taxes), and I always have a reason to be happy in the morning. Working with WEEDS® has empowered myself, the people I work with and most importantly, it empowers the lives we touch each day. WEEDS® is sensible Cannabis business practice and believes in Canadians rights to access Cannabis and Cannabis products in a safe and effective manner. It has always been my right and yours. 

The products WEEDS® retail to their valued members are sourced locally and all raw materials are lab tested and scoped for overall quality assurance. Also one of the few compliment dispensaries to retail Cannabis infused edibles, they additionally sell Cannabis infused tinctures, topicals and bath products. To cater the raw products, they also retail functional glass and other necessities as well as quality vapor devices. They educate their staff and their members about the products they sell to offer the benefit of an informed purchase. This generates a trust between staff and clients that a lot of other dispensaries don’t offer.

WEEDS® empowers Canadians, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and puts a stint in community gang activity. Existing and expanding WEEDS® dispensaries ironically empower the government by generating substantial tax revenue by hiring qualified people who pay their taxes too. They also empower communities by getting involved with organizations who strive for real change and believe that Cannabis is something to celebrate. Their extensive contributions include provincial political support (Sensible BC, Marijuana Party of Canada), community support (Cannabis Substitution Project and the Higher Hopes Foundation), as well as human rights support (Cannabis access rights and Gay/LGBT rights). Overall, WEEDS® is a company that believes in contributing positively and believes in strengthening communities, their members and their employees through research and education that encompasses anything to do with Cannabis.

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As WEEDS® looks into the future of Cannabis, they march on and will continue to dismiss our unjust legal system around Cannabis.

WEEDS® Glass and Gifts is a Canadian franchise that retails Cannabis, functional glass and gifts across Canada. There are almost 20 retail stores and that number is growing, in addition to their successful bilingual online retail boutiques. WEEDS® is owned by Don Briere and Carol Gwilt, two veteran Cannabis advocates that have been involved in Cannabis activism for decades. They believe that Cannabis is a healing plant, and that Canadians should have the option to use it how they wish. They know that Cannabis is less harmful than alcohol. So they created a safe place to obtain Cannabis for people who are suffering from addictions, and medical issues. They have served unjust time in the past for selling Cannabis in Canada via storefront /cafes. But today, WEEDS® employs 150+ Canadians who pay into their taxes, and have the support of  the community. They offer their 15K members a bilingual Customer Service call center as well as bilingual online customer care forms.  This ultimately builds valued relationships and keeps clients educated and informed.

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