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WEEDS® Flower of the Week: Black Tuna

WEEDS® Flower of the Week: Black Tuna


WEEDS® FLOWER REPORT OF THE WEEK is our resinous Black Tuna. This BC Bud hybrid flower (Herijuana x Lamb’s Bread) is popular for its THC % value and for its ability to calm. It has a woody aroma, followed by a notable earthy aftertaste that pleasantly lingers on your palette. Black Tuna is not for a novice consumer, but is ideal to assist with severe pain and for deterring stress. Additionally, Black Tuna is suitable for anyone who may have depression, anxiety, arthritis, PTSD, ADHD/ADD, appetite loss, and/or insomnia.

Cannabinoid Profile

15% THC
0.3% CBG
0.2% CBN
0.1% CBD

Terpene Profile

4.5% Nerolidol
3.2% Caryophyllene
2.9% Limonene
1.9% Bisabolol
1.9% Myrcene

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