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WEEDS® Flower of the Week: Coma-Star

WEEDS® Flower of the Week: Coma-Star


COMA-STAR (Comatose x Sensi Star) is a mellowing indica bud. Pleasant to the nose, it offers inviting aromas of citrus, lemon and clove. Coma-Star is a unique flower that showcases a wide range of trichomes, and is appreciated for its lustrous beauty. The experience of Coma-Star is soothing, and promotes mental and physical relaxation. Its other primary attributes can be effective for pain, depression, ADD/ADHD, nausea and insomnia. Coma-Star is tried, tested and true.

Cannabinoid Report:

THC 15.5 %
CBG 0.3 %
CBD 0.2 %

Terpene Report:

Limonene 3.5 %
Caryophyllene 2.1 %
Nerolidol 1.5 %
Myrcene 1.3 %
Terpinolene 1.3 %

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