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Weeds® Flower of the Week: Wedding Cake

Weeds® Flower of the Week: Wedding Cake


WEDDING CAKE (GSC x Cherry Bomb) is an elevating hybrid bud rich in cannabinoids. It offers a nice range of trichomes and is lustrous in appearance. Pepper, hops and citrus pleasantly capture the nose, leading the senses into an uplifting journey. Wedding Cake is high in THC, and has longevity with its cheerful effects. Perfectly balanced, it can assist with pain, depression, lethargy and appetite stimulation. Wedding Cake is tried, tested and true.

Cannabinoid Report:

THC 21.6%
CBG 0.4%$
CBD 0.3%
CBN 0.1%

Terpene Report:

3.5% % Caryophyllene
3.3% Nerolidol
2.2% Limonene
1.7% Bisabolol
1.1% Terpinolene


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