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Why Won’t My Kief Press into Templeballs?

Why Won’t My Kief Press into Templeballs?

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You love weed and you use just one special grinder to make your joints. You have been been disciplined and you have never taken the kief out of the bottom of your grinder. You know that this is precious resin that can be made into pressed hash. But then it fails! What went wrong?

I made this short video because the question I get all the time is if the templeballs that I make can be made with kief. I always say no, but people end up trying anyway. And most of the time they are using kief from their grinder thinking that they are using the same material that is being referred to when people in Lebanon, Morocco, or Afghanistan speak of kief.
Totally not the same!
The traditional beating process to get the trichomes off of the plant is a thoroughly considered action; resulting in the finest quality dropping first, followed by the second, third, and fourth level of qualities. The resin is sifted in the process of the beating. The resin (or pollen as it is also called) is separated from the contaminant via screens.
On the other hand, over here in the States, the kief that people are attempting to utilize is often with uncleaned trim bin kief (which CAN indeed be further sifted to award winning quality) or, significantly filthier, grinder kief.
That will not work.

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