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Words Have Power

Words Have Power

Words have power. When we vocalize we offer intention to the world, creating impacts. Humans have the gift of consciousness and agency; we have free will. The cumulative impact of words, intentions, actions, becomes family, community, nation-state. The bonds that are formed through interaction are the strands that hold us together in these units. When these bonds are tested, they either become stronger or they break.

The bonds of our society are being tested right now. Informed participation is the solemn duty of every citizen in a democracy. In a world that has become saturated with messaging and communications, how do we assess right and wrong? How do we evaluate the input we receive, and what choices and decisions do we make based on that input? Where is the input coming from, and what is the intended outcome by its source?

We struggle with ambivalence, seeking the absolute that we call Truth. It is often when we distill openness into rigidity that imbalance and negative impacts occur. Positions harden, discourse devolves towards dissent and anger. These trends lead to much greater likelihood of physical action that can include violence.

The honor and duty of citizenship in a democracy is to engage in discourse and participate in dialogue. There must be conscious effort to avoid polarization while recognizing that violent action is unacceptable. We must evaluate with clear minds and disavow leaders who do not work towards clarity, discourse and understanding.

Human systems and social structures attempt to define right and wrong, seeking the codification of truth as relevant to time and space. The problem is often the question of “who is defining the structures?” Laws are written from the perspectives of those who write them.

We are evolving, coming from the past and moving forward into the future. We are learning and becoming more able to communicate each day. With new knowledge comes the shifting of paradigms, a deep process that is like a wildfire burning away what was to make space for what may be. Fire brings heat, death, renewal, life.

The paradigms by which we define society are deep, bedrock principles, but they may or may not be accurate representations of an impartial Truth. Laws, government and social systems have been used to do unjust and terrible things, and they have also been used to create opportunity and benefit.

The choice that does the most good, while creating the least harm, is the choice that we should strive to make in any given situation. Information and perspective gives better opportunity to make the correct decision. Clarity of mind and discourse creates the best possible outcomes. Words have power.

Respect and love are the deep cornerstones that serve as waypoints on the journey of life. When we carry respect it requires that we be open and able to hear the world in which we find ourselves. Respect and love for our integral place in the cycles of life, death and impact on the spaces in which we each operate is critical in bringing forth greater justice in the future.

History is replete with injustice and the present is no exception. Humans seek to define justice through the creation of law and regulation, but those in power often have different definitions of justice than do those without control of the levers that drive the system.

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American government and social systems were built by eslaving and destroying BIPOC. There is a deep and fundamental debt that is owed by society. To step forward in mutual love and respect, this debt must be acknowledged and recompensed.

In any process, new information must cause reevaluation of direction and underpinnings. Access to information has changed at an exponential rate and we have yet to catch up to this change. Communication is possible in ways that offer fundamental shifts in how we engage in governance and government.

Justice is a combining of love and respect into right action. Greater justice must be the metric by which we gauge our steps in this journey of life. We each have a capacity to make efforts on behalf of this Great Human Project. Clarity, open mindedness, respect and love, are essential roots for the growth of communication, which flowers into effective systems and structures.

hhBy removing the perceived separation between humans and nature, we open the opportunity for respect to flow from our interaction with land and our surroundings through our interaction with other humans. Grounding ourselves in the earth and seeking to hear and understand allows us to speak and be heard. Words have power. As always, much love and great success to you on your journey!