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Yoga and Cannabis

Yoga and Cannabis

IN SOCIETY TODAY, there are so many people suffering from different types of anxiety, stress, depression, all while trying to cope with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whatever it may be, it seems like the days fly by so fast we rarely take the time to pause and look at our lives. We need to take a moment and breathe. What is it you personally need to take care of yourself, your mind/body and soul?

Mindful practices like Yoga, meditation, relaxation from cannabis, walking/hiking, or amazing sex with your other. These can really help us to slow down and realize life doesn’t have to be so fast paced. We don’t have to be over worked and over stressed.

For a mindful practice like yoga you don’t have to be flexible, you don’t have to be a certain religion, race or gender. Guys do not be intimidated when you walk into a room where there are more women than men in the class. Yoga is not only for women, actually when yoga originated around 1500 BCE it was an all-male practice! In 1937 the “First lady of yoga” Indra Devi was accepted to study under Sri Krishnamacharya.

Yoga does not have to be practiced in a class setting, you can practice it right in your living room, on your lawn, where ever. You don’t need fancy clothes. You don’t even need a mat. Yoga is a personal practice to unite/connect and awaken the mind/body and soul. It’s not about what you look like or what you have.

Finding my yoga practice many years ago changed my life, physically and psychologicallyin so many positive ways. Feeling the Joy, feeling grounded and at the same time light as a feather. Feeling the grace and confidence that comes to me in my practice is just something that no other experience in life has brought me on this level. Now I am a mom of a wonderful three year old. Having found my practice and continuing to practice daily has helped me to cope in many stressful…messy and overwhelming situations.

Coupling this practice with the effects of some organically, lovingly grown cannabis magnifies these feelings 10x.

I began smoking cannabis at 13 in middle school as a social thing. Now a days when I smoke it is more of a mindful self-love practice. Most of the time if I am ingesting or smoking cannabis I am doing some form of yoga or meditation. It’s hard not to.

Along with being able to completely relax muscle tension that you may not have known was happening, practicing yoga after consuming cannabis can help you become more grounded and in the moment, creating a whole new sense of “embodiment”. This can help you to be gentler with your body, paying more attention to how deep you go into a pose, really helping you to soften and melt into an asana instead of pushing.

Cannabis also helps fuel that creative fire. Practicing cannabis and yoga you may find yourself moving more freely, moving in ways that feel more natural. Things that you maybe wouldn’t do in a more structured class. More intuitive movements and flows.

Cannabis stimulates an area of the brain called the pineal gland, which in meditation is called the Ajna Chakra or Third Eye Chakra. Cannabis can open up the mind and help to remove blockages. Making your meditation time even more euphoric. Really releasing and maybe realizing things you may normally dismiss and having beautiful epiphanies that help things in your life come into fruition.

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If your new to cannabis, try starting small, maybe even trying something a little higher in CBD than THC. Though having THC in your practice can really bring that mind/heart, soul opening element to your practice. It doesn’t even have to be traditionally smoked from a joint or pipe. There are many options such vaporizing, tinctures or edibles. Truly it’s your practice and it’s what makes you happy. Consuming in smaller increments rather than getting fully blown away stoned every once in a while, is definitely more nurturing to our bodies and our own endocannabinoid system. Although if that’s what you enjoy and you’re a seasoned smoker, go for it!

If your new to yoga try starting with some stretching and breathing exercises. Find an area in your home you can focus in. Maybe a quiet, clutter free area. You can make a little alter to meditate on, finding things that bring you a sense of peace and joy. Consume the amount of cannabis you are comfortable with, relax and enjoy yourself. If your seeking a mindful practice to help you find a sense of balance and peace try practicing Yoga and Cannabis. Stay consistent. Share your positive Cannabis and Yoga experiences with friends and family, this way we can all spread light, love and mindfulness. We can and are creating a collective effort to support ourselves and one another in a mindful, conscious, positive way.



Chelsy Harper
Founder of Sacred Ways Yoga. Many Blessings, From the Fire Ridge Family.

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